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  • Finance Lease

    Here the lender purchases the plant, equipment or vehicle required by the client (the lessee). The lender then leases the goods to the customer under a lease agreement. When the lease expires the lessee can either:.

    There are additional benefits associated with a standard variable loan:

    1. Return the equipment to the lender who can sell it elsewhere. If the net sale is less than the residual value, the customer must make up the shortfall.
    2. Refinance the residual value.
    3. Pay out the contract.
    4. Make an offer to purchase, which may be accepted by the lender..
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    Standard Variable Credit Impaired Hire Purchase
    Basic Variable Low Document Loans Finance Lease
    Introductory (Honeymoon) Second Mortgages
    Fixed Rate Loan
    Bridging Loan
    Business Finance Investment Property Other Loans
    Commercial Mortgages Why is an Investment Property a Good Strategy ? Line of Credit
    Short Term Business Loans Negative Gearing Reverse Mortgages
    Medium-Long Term Business Loans Capital Gains Tax